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More and more women are choosing to learn Hypnobirthing so that they can have a natural childbirth, free from pain, fear and medications.

Hypnobirthing gives you the opportunity for your baby to be born calmly, peacefully and without trauma. By understanding what happens to your body during childbirth, and learning how to tune in and control your experience, you can eliminate fear and discomfort, while you remain fully alert, relaxed and calm.

You and your partner will attend two separate Hypnobirthing workshops where you will learn how to prepare for childbirth and master lifelong techniques for achieving deep relaxation.

Learn how to have a natural childbirth

The birth of your baby should be a wondrous event.

Hypnobirthing is an opportunity for you to learn how to ensure you have the best and safest possible experience when you give birth. My workshops combine successfully used techniques that include the deep relaxation of hypnotherapy as well as practical information to enable you to understand what your body does when you give birth so that you can manage your experience. You will also learn how to plan and prepare effectively so that the birth of your baby is the special memorable event that you want.

Hypnobirthing allows you to experience the magic of giving birth, teaching you how to be in charge of your body so that your baby can be born calmly. Mothers who experience Hypnobirthing report feeling a deep sense of empowerment that boosts their confidence in their parenting skills.

First impressions

As your baby is born, every moment is a first-time impression of life.

By making that experience calm, peaceful and welcoming, your baby begins life feeling safe, secure and comfortable.

Hypnobirthing gives your baby the chance for the best possible start, setting the scene for healthy sleeping and feeding patterns that allow you and your baby to bond quickly. These first moments are fundamental in establishing the relationship between mother and child and are an important influence in every other relationship that your child experiences throughout the rest of its life.

Hypnobirthing Workshops

You will learn all you need to know about giving birth in a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. My two-day Hypnobirthing workshops are packed with information to help give you the best chance of having a natural childbirth experience that is free from pain, drugs and medical interventions.

You will learn:

  • How to control your physical experience when giving birth
  • Techniques to overcome fear and tension - thus easing pain
  • Essential tools to build confidence
  • Practical antenatal guidance to help you and your husband or birthing partner to prepare effectively for the birth of your baby
  • What to expect so that you can make informed decisions and choices about your childbirth experience

Your partner has an important role in the childbirth experience and will learn techniques that are pivotal. You will learn a partnership approach that will strengthen the bond between you and the baby just the way nature intended.

To support you after the workshops you will receive a copy of the Hypnobirthing Book, the course CD and a folder of practical information and tips. You are also welcome to contact me for phone or email support.

More and more women are choosing Hypnobirthing in order to be able to have a natural childbirth. The technique has earned such wide acclaim that it is now being pioneered by the Government in a number NHS trusts.

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