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You will learn all you need to know about giving birth in a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. My two-day Hypnobirthing workshops are packed with information to help give you the best chance of having a natural childbirth experience that is free from pain, drugs and medical interventions.

Below, you'll find the most commonly asked questions about hypnobirthing.

Please contact me if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

Benefits for your baby

Babies who are born to 'Hypnobirthing mothers have a better chance of arriving gently and calmly, without the affects of drugs absorbed via the mother. Babies are able to feed more easily and sleep better. By avoiding trauma both mother and baby recover from the birth experience more quickly.

By increasing your chance of having a safe, completely natural and painless childbirth you are allowing your baby to experience a process that the human body is designed for. Women are programmed to produce specific hormones during childbirth that benefit both mother and baby, and which have a continuing affect that is designed to help you to both to cope in the early days and weeks after birth. Women's bodies are meant to cope with producing babies, and in turn the journey through the birth canal is now understood to have enormously beneficial affects for babies.

Natural childbirth with hypnotherapy

The advantages of Hypnobirthing are becoming so well understood that the NHS this year launched a pilot study with the aim of looking at how Hypnobirthing could benefit NHS maternity services.

Hypnobirthing gives mothers the best chance of achieving a natural childbirth with all the benefits that a natural, unmedicated experience brings.

70% of hypnobirthing births are unmedicated*

Hypnobirthing teaches mothers how to relax and remain calm and helps them to overcome the fear and tension. By eliminating fear and controlling pain mothers can avoid many of the difficulties experienced in childbirth including pain relief medication and other medical interventions, which are associated with unwanted side effects on mother and baby.

Hypnobirthing Statistics

  Hypnotherapy Non-Hypnotherapy
Pain relief medication* 22% 55%
Length of labour* (First time mothers) 6.21 hrs 9.28 hrs
* UK studies
Pain relief medication** 15% 70%
Epidural** 20% 70%
Inductions** 20% 40%
C-Sections** 15.5% 32%
** Statistics from the American HypnoBirthing Institute 2008


When should I complete my hypnobirthing workshop?

It is recommended that you complete the course early in your pregnancy so that you have adequate time to practice the techniques - any point in the second trimester is ideal. This will give you time to practice and absorb the techniques so they become second nature. However, some women have learned the techniques just days before giving birth, and have enjoyed the benefits.

Can fathers come too?

Fathers are usually surprised at how much they enjoy the course. I encourage fathers to come as both partners discover what an important difference it makes when the father has a role to play in the birth of the baby. Couples find the experience brings them closer together as they experience how effective they can be when they team up. Being an active and vital part of the baby's birth also makes a difference to fathers' relationship with their babies.

Of course sometimes the father is unable to come and in many classes there are one or two mothers who come on their own for one reason or another, and HypnoBirthing still works perfectly well for them.

Should I bring or wear anything in particular?

There is nothing that you need to bring to your class - just wear comfortable clothes so you can relax. You will be doing gentle visualisations and relaxations rather than any physical exercises. Just turn up and enjoy your class.

Does the hypnobirthing workshop fee cover both parents?

Yes, the fee covers the full course for both mother and father, or birthing partner.

Also included with the workshop fee are your Hypnobirthing book, your workshop CD, and information material. After you have completed your course you are welcome to contact me for any further advice or support.

Where are the Hypnobirthing workshops held?

The two-day workshops are held at The Groves Medical Centre, New Malden. Ample parking available.

Hypnobirthing Workshop Dates

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