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Lorna Damiani BSc (Hons) Clinical Hypnosis, HE DipCH, Intl DipCH

The hypnotherapy treatment I provide is completely confidential and enables you to safely overcome self limiting beliefs, change unwanted behaviours and deal with stress-related emotional and physical problems.

If you would like me to help you to make changes in your life, do get in touch.

Experience and credentials

As a professionally accredited clinical hypnotherapist I am registered with the following governing bodies whose function is to enhance public protection by setting standards, codes of practice and ethics:

As a social scientist and former communication specialist for many years, I have used the written and spoken word as a powerful and effective tool to create better understanding, persuade, motivate and to change beliefs and behaviours.

Moods, beliefs, expectations, wants, likes, dislikes, feelings and even sensations, are all influenced by the impact of words and images. In turn, the therapeutic use of communication in hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help clients to positively change the way they think about the world, others and themselves.

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Your Peace of Mind... As a member of several professional associations I am bound by
their codes of ethics, full details of which can be obtained by visiting their websites.

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