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Hypnotherapy can address a wide range of issues. Outlined below are some of the treatments that may help you.

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  • Do you feel you can't cope without alcohol?
  • Does alcohol or drugs prevent you from leading a normal life?

If you are suffering from alcohol or drug dependency, hypnotherapy teaches you relaxation techniques and works with your unconscious mind to uncover the root of the problem and replace the destructive behaviour with more positive ways of being enabling you to develop better coping strategies and attitudes towards alcohol.


Feeling low is natural, particularly when things go wrong, people let us down, we lose loved ones, or our dreams are dashed. However, when a depressed feeling fails to pass and stretches over weeks, or is experienced frequently and impedes your ability to interact with others and enjoy life, then you are probably experiencing some form of depression.

Hypnotherapy can help with depression and low mood. You will need to provide your doctor's reference.


  • Are you ready to stop smoking?
  • Tried to stop before?

Hypnosis is effective in helping smokers to stop the habit because the process works with your unconscious mind to identify and remove triggers. Instead, you will feel calm, confident and motivated towards healthy behaviour. You will stop smoking and acquire skills for dealing with stressful and other challenging issues in your life.


  • Is anxiety preventing you from living the life you would like to lead?
  • Is anxiety disrupting your relationships and/or career?

There are many forms and degrees of anxiety including generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety, sleep disorders, panic attacks, phobias, fear of flying, exam nerves or performance anxiety. Hypnotherapy is proven to be very effective in dealing with anxiety.

Eating disorders

  • Are you unhappy about your body?
  • Is your eating out of control?

Eating disorders include overeating, binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, and obesity. They can cause an obsession with food and persistent weight problems. Hypnotherapy can help you to gain control of your eating habits, feel better about yourself, and help you to manage your weight.


  • Are you struggling to manage stress?

Stress is caused by how you personally react to or perceive situations. The aim of treatment is not to eliminate stress completely, but to find effective ways to manage it and use it to your advantage to drive and motivate you. Hypnotherapy can help you to manage stress teaching you relaxation techniques and enabling you to understand your reactions and create positive changes in how you think and behave as a way of managing stress.

Anger management

  • Do you find there are times when you can't control your anger?

Anger is a normal emotion designed to protect you from a perceived threat. However, if you have problems controlling your anger, and it is damaging your relationships, hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to react calmly without shouting or becoming violent.

Weight loss

  • Would you like to gain control of your eating habits?
  • Do you want to feel comfortable about your body?

Hypnotherapy is highly effective for weight loss. It can help to identify the causes of emotional eating and drinking and enable you to learn to manage stress and emotions better. You will develop new, attitudes to healthy eating and living, improve your relationship with food and feel motivated to increase your activity so you speed up your metabolism and feel more energised.

Hypno-gastric band

This is safe, and free from the risk of invasive surgery. The hypno-gastric band enables you to curb your appetite to a healthy level so you can eat the right amount of food, feel satisfied and lose weight.


  • Are you trying to conceive naturally or undergoing medical treatment such as IUI, ICSI or IVF?

Hypnotherapy takes a mind-body approach to help you to create the best conditions to support fertility or to come to terms with infertility. The therapeutic framework of treatment involves experiencing and learning relaxation techniques, and analysing and addressing negative emotional issues, beliefs and behaviours.


  • Is shyness getting in the way in your life?
  • Would you like to feel more certain of yourself?

By getting to the underlying cause of low self confidence, hypnotherapy then gets rid of self-limiting beliefs. As your self-confidence grows, you will see the difference in your body language, the way you speak, how you cope in certain situations and how others respond to you.


  • Do you suffer recurring pain or abdominal discomfort with constipation, diarrhoea or both?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is caused by a disorder of the gut and can develop at any time although most sufferers are between the ages of 15 and 40. Hypnotherapy you will help you to learn effective relaxation techniques to alleviate the discomfort of IBS.

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